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Christine Knight

Physical disease?

Emotional pain?

Struggle with life choices?

I've lived it and now using all I've learned to be your guide & give you the map

to get to the other side...

Where you will connect with your True Self and create a fulfilling life that you LOVE!


Imagine doing in one session what you've not been able to yet accomplish in 5 years of talk therapy.

Imagine symptoms you've been plagued with for years disappearing after one session.

Imagine knowing the bigger purpose for your life.

That's what Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy can do for you.

QHHT is a hypnosis technique developed over 40 years and thousands of sessions by Dolores Cannon. 

I was plagued with PTSD spirals and panic attacks and told there was no cure for them - told that my only option was to learn how to cope with my episodes. 

Then in 2012, I found QHHT.

After ONE session, no more spirals. 

I asked my practitioner where she learned how to do a session like that, and she told me Dolores Cannon.

One month later I flew to Arkansas and trained personally with Dolores.


How Hypnotherapy or QHHT Can Help

Transform Your Life

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a very relaxing hypnosis technique that helps people explore

their deeper levels of consciousness

to bring answers, physical healing, and immediate connection with their True Inner Self. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is used as a bridge to access your subconscious mind and bring the deep rooted cause of issues and illness to the surface and integrate that revealed information into your conscious mind.

This brain cohesion will transform your life by giving you understanding of why events happened

and what is needed to clear and release ongoing issues - without having to re-live the trauma!

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Improve Self Worth

You Are in Control

Receive Abundance

Access Your Inner Powers

Create the Life
You Want

You Have the Power

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I applaud you for taking this step to move forward seeking help.

Your Future Self, your relationships, and your Inner Self

will all be thanking you!

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Definition of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with special identifying characteristics:
1) an extraordinary quality of relaxation
2) an emotionalized desire to satisfy the suggested behavior (the person feels like doing what the hypnotist suggests - provided that the suggestion does not generate conflict within the person's belief system)
3) the recipient becomes self-regulating and produces normalization of the central nervous system
4)  heightened and selective sensitivity to stimuli perceived in the five physical senses and four basic perceptions
5) immediate softening of psychic defenses


Other Areas You Can Achieve Results Quickly
with Hypnosis:





Athletic Performance

Attachment Issues

Autism Spectrum

Bed Wetting

Boundary Setting