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Quantum Healing Hypnosis to Connect with Estranged Children

Updated: Sep 9

This #QHHT session I facilitated happened awhile ago but still has me cracking up laughing and just in awe of the power of self-forgiveness all at the same time! A client came to me for a more peculiar reason than most. Most clients are looking for physical healing, clearing past trauma, or finding their purpose in life. But this lady… she wasn’t worried about anything except her kids.

Her three kids were all grown, but tensions were high and connections were strained with all three. Her oldest and second had strained relationship with her. Sometimes they’d text back, most times they wouldn’t. Sometimes They’d accept invitations to meet — or even go on vacation — most times they wouldn’t. But the youngest, that one was completely estranged from her.

And you know, things happen. Things like divorce. Things like siblings growing up in separate households. Things like one parent trying to turn the kids — even grown kids — against the other parent. A lot of us have been there. Hell, I’ve been there.

I raised my kid mostly on my own without any help — but extra ridicule and less-than-honorable behavior from his dad. And I’ve seen other friends and family go through very similar experiences where kids feel torn in their parents’ marriage splitting.

They can feel like they have to take sides. They can feel like one parent doesn’t really care because they don’t show up. Even though there was no communication about the event. So many narrow angles of sight can happen. Only bits and pieces of the story gets told. And the kids are usually the last ones to know the truth of the details.

Well she had been patient long enough. She wanted contact to at least know they were o.k.

Any healing needed? No.

Any other questions about your life? No.

It was the shortest pre-talk interview I had ever done before facilitating a session. I was concerned that because she was so narrow in her objective that we wouldn’t be able to achieve the depth of theta brain wave trance state necessary to strongly connect with her subconscious (SC as we practitioners like to call it for short). She was firm in her belief, though, so I decided we’d give it a shot.

Worse-case-scenario I’d place a keyword to try for greater depth at a follow-up session after she had the experience of the deep relaxation that comes with a QHHT session.

But — no need. She came right through the induction and went to three different “important days” in her current life. She had a miscarriage she hadn’t told her previous husband (the father of all three of her kids) about. And don’t gasp for air, hold yourself steady, but she’d had an abortion she hadn’t told him about either.

It was later when the kids were older, she was older, and the marriage was already falling apart. It was all I could do to not start bawling alongside her as she laid in trance with rivers of tears just pouring down her face.

One advantage that I have from a very traumatic and violent childhood is that I can become dissociated at the drop of a hat. Or a tear. I had to watch others suffer in pain while I helplessly could do nothing about it. It has its disadvantages, but I gotta tell ya, it works miracles when I’m facilitating sessions. And, luckily, I’m not helpless anymore. I can do something now. I can allow the space for my client to process through their pain, and then I can guide them safely forward through the session.

Her guilt was so incredibly overwhelming. And she’d been carrying it for a decade.

All on her own. No release.

She blamed herself for the marriage ending because of it — even though her husband cheated on her.

She blamed herself for her kids being estranged from her as punishment for her decision to terminate the pregnancy  — even though the father showed great animosity and blame towards her.

Her guilt was overwhelming, but she took responsibility. She took responsibility for being overbearing with her kids. Not really listening to her kids. Pushing her kids to be what she wanted, rather than encourage them to create the lives that they wanted.

It all seems to tie together. The guilt. Her own creation of her reality of her kids not talking to her as punishment on herself. Her contribution to the deterioration of her relationship with each of her kids.

My heart just goes out to her so much. Even now, a few years later writing about it. I’m just picturing giving her the biggest hug and telling her she’s doing great.

She begged forgiveness of herself for her choices.

For her fear.

For her haste.

Then she was shown this incredible bright white light that encompassed her whole being “further out than her body”. She felt the full experience of unconditional love. And was shown the sliver of this human life experience in comparison to so many others. In other times. In other dimensions. “It’s all lessons”, the SC said.

And with that I pursued the question of if we could please talk to the Guide or Guardian of the oldest kid. “No, they will not come forward, but want you to know that she is well and happy and in touch with her Inner Being.”

Next. Requested the Guide or Guardian for the second kid. “Sure!”.

The closest Guide came through with a young and energetic feel and type of speech. The whole facial expression of my client changed from her SC and even the wrinkles on her face smoothed out when this Guide was present and talking through my client. “Just support him and listen to him. Only give advice if he asks. He feels he cannot breathe when you are near so lighten your energy.”

So, ever curious and always pursuing details I asked how.

“Curiosity! You think you know him because you raised him, but he is ever evolving and growing as hopefully everyone is, so look at each encounter as getting to know him”.

Awesome. And great advice, don’t you think?

Next for the third.

His Guide only agreed to speak with me directly..? But through my client’s SC. I can make that work!

So the gist of this conversation was that even though kids choose their parents for who to come through into this existence, it doesn’t mean they are committed to sharing this whole life existence with the parent. Another type of example would be children who are adopted and raised by other people than their parents. The Guide said it’s unlikely that they would ever have a relationship and that it was pre-planned that way by the kid before coming here.

My client’s SC accepted that and respected the wish.

Going forward, my client was able to release her heart wrenching guilt and accept the relationships as they are now and connect her Inner Being and create a life that she loves with or without involvement or relationships with her kids. She hadn’t yet truly built her own life, and that’s what she left my office fully intending to do.

In humility and appreciation,


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