Session Lesson: See Others’ Trauma to Help Heal Your Own

Updated: Jan 23

My client came to me for a #QHHT session for the same reason most people want one — to clarify their purpose here. It shows up in questions about which career to choose, which job to take, which location to live, which university program to pursue… you get the idea.

Ultimately, so many of us feel driven by a purpose outside of ourselves, but we often need clarity in the finer details, the small print. This client was no different — as like so many others right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, he had been laid off from his former (lucrative) career.

The second reason he was seeking out a QHHT session was for physical healing. And, as for most, this is the other most common reason people want a session. I personally cured my PTSD spirals with the first session I had, and I’ve seen so many other healings from minor skin rashes to major lung cancer. This client had multiple issues from kidney problems to bad hearing to feet fungus.

The pre-talk interview lasted about 30 minutes over the normal time allotment of two hours, but this client had quite a bit of trauma from childhood — and I NEVER cut the pre-talk short.

This most likely will be one of the only times the client has in their life to fully unload. Their story. Their pain. Their fears. Without any interruptions. Without any interjections. Without any advice. None is needed as all the answers will come from the client’s subconscious during the session anyway. But this pre-talk — this precious time — is healing in and of itself.

This session took a different turn than most as the induction wasn’t even completed yet and the client was off and running with the first life experience being shown to him. Most clients see their current life, a past life, or a life in a different dimension. This was the first experience I’d had with a client seeing ANOTHER person’s life. The scene was of his parent as a child being a victim of trauma and abuse. Very heart wrenching. But I’m trained well in how to guide my clients through these type of scenes so as not to cause any new harm or trauma for my client.

The second life shown was — again — of another person rather than the normal flow of his own experience. This time it was his current wife but shown as a teenager — and once again showing struggles and trauma she had gone through in her earlier days here in this lifetime. Again, pain and frustration arose for my client because he felt unable to help. And, once again, I guided him through the scenes safely.

The third scene was his consciousness inside of a bird flying high above the trees. The bird was showing what it felt like to be free, flying wherever it wanted, using the breeze to carry him easily. The bird also showed him an old couple and what true love looked like. It was shown as freedom. The couple accepted each other as they are, and encouraged each other to live to their fullest purpose (rather than have fear that their own agenda would not be fulfilled).

The subconscious (SC as we practitioners like to say for short) came in very strong revealing some very unexpected answers and granting some physical healing — but denying some others.

The three scenes were shown by the SC to open conscious mind recognition that everyone in his life he struggles with has had deep trauma — just like he has. The compassion and incredibly strong desire to help each person in their scenes needs to be now funneled into present-day compassion and patience for each person. The SC also said that in exercising compassion and patience for those people, he will give a huge boost in his own healing of his own trauma, and will learn to apply that same compassion and patience to himself — wherein it becomes a cyclical effect driving higher boosts of power and energy. (We can heal off of others’ healing and they can heal off of ours).

Some of the physical healing was granted and done immediately in the session for residual dis-ease whose root causes had already been healed. For example, past dire fear of dying had caused the rampant kidney problems, but that fear was from a decade ago and no longer existed, so *poof* gone. Healed.

However — other ailments that have root causes not yet healed would not be granted healing for they would almost immediately re-appear anyway. BUT the progressive healing of those ailments will be very apparent as my client progresses with course-correction and behavior changes. These include fully and intently listening to others (hearing), seeing and connecting with his Inner Self (vision), sharing his authentic self with others without fear of making them angry or disappointed (skin rash), and correcting his diet to “connect with the Earth” (feet fungus).

!!Blown Away!!

I love this work! It is such an honor and a privilege to be a part of the unveiling of layers of pain and past programming and see such clear connection with each person’s Inner Self.

Such clear direction. Such ease. Such peace.

Thank you for reading.

All my best,




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