If I'm Getting Inner Guidance, why do I feel Resistance?

Why you feel resistance with a message from internal guidance:

If a message comes to you spontaneously (meaning you weren’t “looking” for an answer at that particular time), and you think about it for a second and think “that’s weird”… but then as you continue to think about it you feel a little scared or nervous or questioning if you can do it. That resistance that you feel is the logical brain (the ego) that has the job of trying to keep you safe. In keeping you “safe”, that part of the brain is resistant to trying anything new that steps you outside of your comfort zone.

But, most often, our purpose in life is just outside of our comfort zone! And most often, we've been training for it our whole life up to that point.

Some things I recently had that mind-based resistance to recently were moving down to South Carolina full time a year ago and going back to grad school. Both turned out to be my path and exactly where I was supposed to be. But both decisions were very scary. So was the decision to quit my full-time job to get through grad school faster with a heavier load of classes. Very scary. But now that I’m in motion on that path, I know that it was the right decision.

Be mindful, though, that if the resistance comes from inner guidance then definitely heed the advice.

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